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Welcome to Heavenly Delight Scents, HDS is a company that started on November of 2018 with an aim of serving its customers with products and services in regards to Perfumes and Scented items. Later on, The company started increasing its products and services to a range of offering the customers customized gift items for their loved ones, and today, the company has grown to a range of introducing very many exciting items like scented hand wash(oud/bakhoor and designer scents), soaps and other gift items as well as beauty products. You can also now purchase items online via our website and using whatsapp as well. Each of our products in this website has a whatsapp purchase button where you can purchase an item by click of a button, pay via M-Pesa and get the products delivered, that’s not all, we also wrap the gift and print gift card for free for any purchase above 1000/=. We highly recommend our customers to use the whatsapp purchase button in this website as it is fast, efficient and gives the customer a chance to communicate to the director direct.